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Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
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novoSense Intelligence is a 100% black owned( 49% Female + 51% Male ), managed technology and innovations company with a clear focus in business software application development spanning all the way from basic stand-alone to integrated solutions. Our application development easily adapt into the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its founding beliefs are driven by the global fast-paced evolution of Innovation and Technology. Our model is simple, firstly, find out what your customer wants, use your expertise to model a business solution according to the requirements, test the overall solution and test again before deployment.


Move mountains for those you care about - Care for ALL humanity.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We have partnered with UIPATH to bring to our clients a solution that allows for them to automate processes within their departments thus ensuring digital transformation, cost saving, efficiency and consistency on a large scale.  


Internet of Things (IoT)

The partnership we have entered into with ATTACQ is making it easy for us to test our technologies in the retail space. We are confident that the systems we have in place would work for any type of business that wants to use IoT to enhance their business operations. We use RFID, NFC, wifi, bluetooth beacons and other technologies. This has extended to designing and deploying devices used in outdoor marketing for measuring accurate customer engagements using AI(Machine Vision algorithms) 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We specialize in Cognitive Services and computer vision using the best tools in the market today. We have trained and deployed models used in Automated Road & Railway Inspection projects as well as Change Detection for municipalities and the forestry industry.


Mixed Reality

We design and develop systems that use AR technology to enhance user experience when it comes to in-mall/indoor navigation systems, heritage site information distribution and general brand advertising.
Education is the main beneficiary when it comes to VR. This includes and is not limited to virtual classrooms and laboratories for those schools that do not have physical laboratories for pupils to complete practicals etc. High-end property sales is also another field we focus on, saving our clients thousands on demo apartments and site travels. 


Website & Mobile Development

We have developed websites and mobile apps for a number of companies in South Africa including Mall of Africa, Adoozy Power and Tshwane Economic Development Agency. Our rapid development environment and expertise in mobile development allows us to fast track our development and produce platforms in the shortest possible time with effective SDLC.


Electric Mobility for Logistics & Private use

Mobility in Africa is a challenge due to financial difficulties experienced by the lower working classes. Minibus taxis come with a lot of safety concerns and comfort issues. More and more people are opting for better, cheaper and convenient means of semi-urban and urban transportation. Our solution is both green and custom made for the person on the street who probably will never get to own a vehicle.




Rail & Road



Wiseman has over 10 years of experience in electronics, software engineering and biometric systems. After studying towards his electronic engineering degree, he started working for a broker company as an IT consultant. He then moved to Timewatch, a time and attendance and access control company and worked as a senior Systems Integration Engineer. He then moved to become a software engineer at Neametrics and Times Media Group until he co-founded novoSense Intelligence in 2014. This company under his leadership dealt with systems integration, green technologies and mobile solutions ranging from general mobile apps to digital advertising. NovoSense delivered tailor-made solutions for clients within media industry, municipalities and property companies like Attacq.He is also an AI specialist.

After graduating from UCT, Thobile contributed to the growth of numerous companies including BMS, Matrix Marketing and Fury Ford. She has spent a good part of her career working in Human Resources and Business Administration. Starting a company from scratch into a million-rand turnover company in just a year was one of her highlights. She has extensive networks in the insurance and construction industry making her a valuable asset at novoSense as the business grows to become a multi-million dollar business. Together with Wiseman, she then co-founded novoSense Intelligence in 2014.

Dumisani has an electronics design background spanning 15 years. During his second semester at tertiary, he designed and built his own power amplifier and in the third semester he designed a fully integrated car alarm system. He started his working career at Periseo specializing in electronic design and designed various products for both commercial and military clients used in helicopters worldwide. The technology tools he used include but not limited to C, C++, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic, PHP, java, Javascript, HTML, Altium, Microchip, Atmel, ST Micro, ARM, GSM, RF. He also specializes in low power devices, WiFI and other wireless technology design and has done work for MTrack security company. Dumisani has also worked at RDC, a pioneering company in security products and has been instrumental in the rollout of related projects. His mastery in software is not based on the actual tool but the implementation thereof. He's an all rounder in tailor-made product development.

Khumbulani is highly experienced, knowledgeable and innovative telecommunications professional.He has demonstrated 30-year history of working in the ICT sector with fixed line operator, ministry of communications, the Regulator, mobile operators and equipment supplier. Skilled in business development strategy and execution, telecoms technologies such as GSM, UMTS, LTE and digital economy solutions. During his career in the sector Mkhize occupied senior management positions at SATRA, MTN SA, ZTE Corporation where he was responsible for business development in Africa and Middle East. An entrepreneur at heart, Mkhize an active member of the ICT SMME Chamber, was once one of the eminent task team members for the Minister of Communications, which worked on the production of the Telecommunications Green paper



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